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UNLIKE consulting agencies and other professional service providers, our ignytive professionals bring their capabilities and proven experience to work collaboratively with clients from strategic design through to delivery and execution.

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IGNYTIVE is a community of independent professionals. Our community is highly experienced in their own discipline areas, have real life business experience and a proven track record in working strategically and taking responsibility for delivering the execution that supports clients to achieve their strategic objectives. “We design, deliver and execute.” 

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business transformation

Consumer and customer preferences are changing at such a fast pace, it is forcing organisations to ask some foundational questions. How can we realise our future vision with the current organisation? Do we have the right capabilities, and are we ready for the future?. For many organisations this internal debate results in a desire to transform the organisation in such a way, that it will ensure a sustainable and prosperous future.

Our experienced professionals can help you design, deliver and execute business transformational needs using our “Business Transformation Framework”, across multiple countries and regions, enabling your organisation to be fit for the future.

02 Corporate Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Technology

With Innovation and Technology empowering more and more people, the once heavy barriers to Market entry are slowly disappearing. Smaller organisations and even startups are able now to disrupt the large corporates. Among many reasons, these smaller organisations can respond better and faster to changes in consumer and customer behavior. Corporate decision making is often too slow and in many cases too much internally focused. So, how can we develop a way to still be able to create value for the changing consumer and customer? How can we adapt to the changing preferences and bring back the entrepreneurship which created every company?

Our experienced professionals can help you design, deliver and execute a new approach to product and service development leveraging the power of Technology. Learning from and applying techniques from the most successful startups this last decenia: continuous and controlled experimentation. 

03 Transformational Finance

business transformation

The role of Finance is changing rapidly from a function with a more internal focus in the past to a group of data obsessed professionals who can provide deep insights on the organisational performance and its relative position to its urroundings leveraging the power of technology. Strategic decision making is moving more and more to a data-based starting oint, where in the past subjective opinions were the basis of any decision made. It is Finance who needs to deliver the basis for this more data based decision environment. 

Our experienced professionals can help you in the transformation of your finance function to become an enabler of a more data-based strategic decision approach. For all your transformational Finance challenges our professionals can design, deliver and execute the stratp

04 HR & Change

As the Industry landscape in which we work in is massively changing, so is the role, function and priorities for HR; forcing organisations to operate in new, agile and innovative ways.  Many organisations now recognise that they need to improve ‘people experiences’,‘processes in the workplace’ and ensure they can provide ‘well being solutions’ that allow them to win ‘the war on talent’. 

For many organisations the need to transform to this next necessary level is extremely challenging. Organisations questionsing how this can be achieved during a time when business as usual still needs to run alongside the transformation?. Do we have the right capabilities inhouse to deliver such transformation without causing too much disruption? How do we set ourselves up for success in the new operating model?

In these transformational times, the need for ‘change communication’ has never been more important.  Organisations need to ensure business continuity at the same time as transforming.  It requires bringing a whole organisation along this journey, supporting the necessary upskilling of new systems, processes and ways of working.  Dedicated Change Communication has to sit at the heart of the organisation, playing the spider in the web with all departments and functions for organisations to embrace the new future.  

Our experienced professionals can help you design, deliver and execute, transforming your HR function to become an enabler to support strategic decisions and support your entire organisation through the transformation change.   

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